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Watercolour painting of the Argyll Falls in Tobago

'Argyll Falls' by Steve Bonner

'Follow Tobago's tortuous East Coast road north from Scarborough. Eventually you'll become aware of small boys jabbing their fingers into the air and yelling "Waterfall!". There are dozens of streams tumbling down from the islands forested central ridge, this one, the Argyll Falls, is perhaps the most spectacular. The lower pool is in almost permanent shade, while those above step up into the sunshine. A lovely place. A further view 'A walk downstream' is the subject of the next painting of mine on this page' -SB.

Watercolour painting of a streamside path in Tobago

'A Walk Downstream' by Steve Bonner

'Tobago has many waterfalls, where streams cascade down from the highlands, and the best known is probably Argyll Falls. This painting is a view downstream as the path emerges from the shade of the rainforest into the sunshine of more open bamboo and scrub. A magical walk through the woods, with the bubbling stream keeping cheerful company all the way. I remember a Tobagonian friend saying, when I showed him the painting, "You don't have to tell me where that is. I've lost count of the number of times I've stubbed my toes on those roots!" Don’t let it put you off - just look where you’re going and not at the girl in front - which was undoubtedly my friends problem :-) ' - SB.

Watercolour painting of a Tobagonian Chatel House

'House on stilts' by Steve Bonner

'This little chattel house or 'case house', as they're more properly known, is typical of the style favoured in Trinidad and Tobago with it's central gable. Historically ‘chattel houses’ were just that, part of the owners chattels. If work dried up the house could be taken down, put on a cart, and transported to wherever work was to be found. Unusually for a dwelling of this age the owner appears to have invested in a new concrete base. Note the air-plants growing on the power cables' - SB.

Watercolour and gouache painting of Jemmas Restaurant, Tobago

'Jemma's Seafood Restaurant'

by Steve Bonner

'Take a drive up Tobago's east coast road and just as that "I'm a bit peckish" feeling starts to niggle,  this pretty little restaurant hoves into view. With a fallen Indian Almond growing through the middle of it you'll find Jemma's delightful. The Menu? Anything you want, providing of course it's Chicken or Fish - very tasty though - I heartily recommend it!' -SB

Watercolour & gouache painting of a Tobagonian chatel house

‘Room with a view' by Steve Bonner

'Throughout the Caribbean there are slight differences in the design of the traditional houses. In Trinidad and Tobago they're built on piles rather than stone plinths as on Barbados.  The owners of the house featured in this painting are presumably replacing the original timbers with concrete as needed, the front left corner support, is still timber. I have seen taller - not often - but I have. What a view though! In this painting by the way, the banana palm and foreground foliage are painted in opaque gouache on an otherwise watercolour painting' -SB..

Watercolour paintings of Tobago by Steve Bonner

Watercolour paintings of Tobago.

If  you’ve never been to Tobago you should put it on your bucket list. Just 10.6918° north of the equator, and north-west of it’s big sister Trinidad - it’s a wonderful island with one of the best beaches in the Caribbean - Pigeon Point.