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Ma Sirene by Sophi Barnard

Two examples of Sophi Barnards

‘Pool Series’

Fruit of Enlightenment by Sophi Barnard Green Mangoes and Bananas by Sophi Barnard Coconuts and Sky by Sophi Barnard Fig Cochon by Sophi Barnard Green Coconuts by Sophi Barnard Sweet Potato by Sophi Barnard Fishtail Palm by Sophi Barnard Sugar Apples and Star Fruit by Sophi Barnard Green Paw Paw by Sophi Barnard

Vibrant colours and brilliant light - Sophi Barnards Still Life and Plant Studies could only be Caribbean.

Tropical sun is hard on paint and timber - Sophi Barnards Architectural Studies capture it perfectly.

Blue Prow by Sophi Barnard Euccalyptus and Fern by Sophi-Barnard The Blank Stare by Sophi Barnard

At home within the landscape - Sophi Barnards Landscape and Seascape Paintings of beautiful Barbados.

Sophi Barnard is a St Lucian born artist who has made her name painting the island of Barbados. Sophi has taught herself to ‘look’, to see the precision shape and the subtlety of colour, which she executes superbly on canvas.

If you want to see more of Sophi’s work, and I’m sure you will, follow the link to SofiStudio.

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