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Sources of obscure facts and information about the islands featured here. There are also links to my artist friends websites and galleries, even beach bars and restaurants - Good stuff, dull stuff - it depends how bored you are - or hungry.

Links from the Paintings of the Caribbean Website.

Ciao Bella Ristorante

Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, Holetown, St James, Barbados - which just happens to be run by Howaida, one of the artists featured on this website. Wonderful food - check it out - you won’t be disappointed.

+1 246-432-6633

Flint's Patisserie and Bistro.

1st, Street, Holetown, St. James. Tel: 432-2626     Fax: 432-2634

Rockley Main Road, Christ Church. Tel: 435-2600

Another favourite, but this time for morning coffee -  the best around, and the baristas really know their stuff. Try the pastries - you'll be back. -SB

Ju Ju’s Beach Bar and Bistro

On Alleynes Bay ‘The Garden’, near The Royal Pavilion Hotel, and the subject of one of my paintings. I adore the place. I painted the sign on the right by the way, and the mural on the back wall too.

+1 246-268-6093

Facebook Link Facebook Link Facebook Link Fruit of Enlightenment by Sophi Barnard

Sofistudio - the online home of

Sophi Barnards Art

Sorry the domain is up for sale :-(

Green Monkey Studios - the online home of

Melanie Bishops Art

Treat yourself - have a look here too!

Howaida Moussa Weel

As far as I’m aware Howaida doesn’t have a website. She does, however, have a professional presence on Facebook and that is where this link will take you.

The Paintings of

Steve Bonner

The Barbados Travel Guide - a useful resource for the first time visitor

Wikipedia - Dear old Wiki, ever useful, ever reliable - mostly anyway.

Two useful resources for information about Barbados If you would like a link to your Caribbean based website, perhaps in return for a link here, don’t hesitate to drop us a line via the form or email me at info@paintingsofthecaribbean.com. All images Copyright © of the relevant artists. All rights reserved. Home    Original Paintings   Limited Edition Prints   Open Edition Prints   Steve Bonner   Guest Artists    Contact    Miscellanea

The Gallery of Caribbean Art

Represent several of the artists featured on this site. It’s to be found at The Northern Business Centre, up in Speightstown, St Peter, in beautiful Barbados. I like Speightstown - never, ever, has anyone given me a moments grief there - lovely town.

Tel: (246) 419-0858