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Barbadian of Egyptian decent, Howaida’s goals are to obtain recognition globally as a modern artist of her age and as a symbol of West Indian excellence.  

She is a Bachelor of liberal arts in Mass Communications with an associate degree in Graphic design. She comes with 18 years in the visual advertising industry, as a producer, Director and brand designer. The power of her voice on commercials and on audio operating systems, such as those of Digicel, Scotia Bank and BRC, remains centre-stage across the islands of the Caribbean. Her art is another visual language in her repertory of visual communications. She begun painting whilst at university and sold her first paintings in 1987. She has been a selling Barbadian Artist ever since.

Howaida was discovered by Nick Maley, Academy award winning artist for his design of the character Yoda, of the Star Wars movies. He subsequently hosted a solo show for her at his primary residence in Antigua, circa 1998. In Barbados, she exhibits exclusively at The Gallery of Caribbean Art and at her studio.

Her styles are many which confirm her versatility in approach and in subject matter. Her collection focuses on her neo-cubist work and panelled impastos. Howaida pursues artistic excellence. She is an inventor and her originality is cherished. She is in perpetual evolution and never ceases to experiment beyond the mainstream because she dares to.

There is a lifetime guarantee in the quality of her work. She works laboriously layer through layer in her paintings. Each oil layer is left to dry and cure over days, sometimes weeks; depending on the how heavy she lays the paint. The drying time and the time it takes to fully develop the works sometimes spans several months, as in her heavy impasto pieces.

Her paintings are vibrant and alive with gracious, curvaceous forms. She takes simplicity and turns it into a highly complex work of art, where minimalism is juxtaposed with maximalism. Her paintings have found favour in the private collections of buyers and collectors internationally.

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