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All images Copyright © Steve Bonner 2014. All rights reserved.

Open Edition Prints of the Caribbean

From original watercolour paintings by Steve Bonner

Have paintbrush - will travel….

I enjoy working in watercolour despite the restrictions of the medium, it will of course only let you work from light to dark and mistakes are out of the question - but I find it’s very relaxing. The Caribbean offers limitless scope for the medium from the weathered timber chattel houses to the strikingly architectural shapes of tropical foliage.

Below are links to prints of some of my paintings of Barbados and Tobago - I hope you enjoy them.

Open Edition Prints of

Beautiful Barbados

Watercolours of traditional chattel houses, the countryside, the coral cliffs, and of course - the beaches.

Chalky Mount Barbados A Palm and an Agarve Open Edition Prints of Barbados

Open Edition Prints of

Enchanting Tobago

From the coral sands of Pigeon Point

to the spectacular Argyll Falls.

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Open Edition Prints of Tobago